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Years of experience and a passion to lifelong learning have made us to what we are. An OCTOPUS in IT! With our many arms it is our ambition to use these capabilities to give you a headstart in your career by teaching what we know. We are dedicated to make IT transparant for you and to use IT for the better of you business.

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We use L.E.S. to grow your business


Learning is what U do yourself. Octopus Learning can help you by teaching you in IT and IT related subjects. We have selected partners worldwide to teach you on fundamentals, professional and expert level on DevOps, LEAN, ITSM, Blockchain among others. Octopus Learning is affiliated with Examinition Institutes like PeopleCert, APMG, EXIN to maintain our flexibility.


Experiencing is by nature using your creativity, your personal skills and put them to work. We do Business Simulations - call them games - to let you feel in a safe environment how U deal in certain situations. It is alway fun. We adopted professionally made Business Simulations, we can adapt them to your situation and learning objectives.


Sharing is like Experiencing informal learning. To combine formal- and informal learning we make a lasting impression on the learners. LES is something that sticks, however we are not always there. It is therefore paramount that is you continue to learn. "If you always do what you did, you will alway get what you got".

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Octopus Learning is proud to partner up with these selected organizations

Eppo is a forerunner. He adopts and adapts IT related best practices. He is passionate about DevOps and lectures all over the world. His way of teaching is based on the L.E.S. approach. He is a firm believer in 'Learning by doing' or Experiencing and 'informal learning' or Sharing.

Eppo Luppes
Eppo Luppes Managing director, Octopus Learning

Amal helps organizations create high-performance cultures that enable them to achieve more speed, flexibility and simplicity with the focus in bringing effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness using Agile, Lean, and DevOps principles and practices. Her passion lies in helping people to harness technology, whilst generating human and business value. She has embraced lifelong learning and the growth principles that she hopes to share with your organization.

Amal Le Collen
Amal Le Collen DevOps Coach & Consultant, Smartupswing

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